July 10, 2017

360 Video






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Immersive Content

A recent case study by Magnifyre revealed something noteworthy about the 360-degree video format – the average percentage of people who viewed a 360-degree video was 28.81% higher than for the same video in a non 360-degree format. The case study also showed that twice the number of viewers watched the 360-degree video to completion.

Of course, not every video will be suitable for the 360-degree format. But one excellent use for 360 is product videos used by sales teams.

A staggering 90% of users say product videos are helpful in the purchasing-decision process. For real estate or large equipment that can’t conveniently be shown to a prospect, a 360-degree video is an effective way let someone feel like they’re looking at the product “in person.”

Example of a documentary filmed in 360 degrees - National Geographic

FAQ about 360 Video

What is 360 video?
360 video puts you at the center of the action with a natural and engaging viewing experience like you have never experienced before. It lets you interact with the content you’re watching, allowing you to look up and down as well as all around you so that you can explore the full surrounding.

What is the difference between 360 degree video and virtual reality?
When people watch a 360- video on a VR headset, it’s technically not a true VR experience. What they see in this format is footage taken from the 360-degree overview from the camera’s physical position.

How can I use 360 video in my marketing strategy?
There are many ways! One example is to create a 360 video of your office place exterior and interior – High-detailed videos from which people can learn how to find your shop or showroom, make video tour inside your shop, demonstrating the service highlights that may catch attention of potential customers.

Do you need those special glasses to experience 360 video?
No. All you need is a smartphone or computer to pan and rotate a 360° video’s perspective to watch it from different angles.

Northwest Video Feeders - Social Media Live Stream Video Production