Building Your Business Brand With Video Marketing

The way businesses market themselves is changing rapidly. From running newspaper ads to maintaining a blog – we have come a long way in a short period of time. If content is king, then video marketing is the newly appointed prince. Industry experts are of the opinion that video marketing is the fastest way to build a brand in 2017 and the coming years. This is due to a simple truth – videos are more effective in communicating a message to consumers. With social media and video production tools, brands can have a larger impact on the audience and their opinions.

We will take you through a simple strategy that you can adopt to build your brand and grow your business. Along the way, we will also discuss the significance of each step.

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Know Your Target Audience

Define your ideal customer. What kind of people do you think would be interested in your products? Conduct a small survey, this would help you build a sketch of your target audience. You would need to take into account several factors such as location, age, buying habits and so forth.

Once you have an idea about your target audience, creating a video that appeals to them would be much easier. For instance, creating a video for a young demographic would involve incorporating a lot of trending elements on social media. In essence, you need to understand that brand perception changes from person to person.

Design a Brand Identity

Videos are increasingly being preferred over content because they allow you to tell stories. It is not only about conveying information about your products or services anymore. The color schemes, music, narration, voice – every element of a video helps forge a brand identity for your business.

This is the part when you sit down your marketing team to discuss what colors, images, and sounds represent your brand the best. Once you have reached a consensus, you basically maintain the same consistency in each video you make. Over time, people will start associating colors and the sounds you employ with your brand. This is why video marketing is the next big thing. It allows you to invade your audience’s mind subconsciously.

Northwest Video Feeders - Social Media Live Stream Video Production, Portland, Oregon

Experiment With Video Content

Don’t stick to a single style of video production or content. One of the greatest benefits of employing video marketing is that it allows you the freedom to experiment and think out of the box. Think about all the different ways you can tell stories or addressing important human issues through your products. Take a plunge into animated content for a while – the possibilities are endless. Here are some widely produced video types:

  1. Brand Films – Brand films exhibit your values, mission, vision, and goals full splendor. They’re made with the specific intent of introducing you to the world.
  2. Tutorials – Tutorials are widely searched for all kinds of audience. If you are selling a product, why not make a video on how to use your products with special tips and tricks? Doing so would also solidify your brand as an authority in your industry.
  3. Animations – If you are looking to WOW your audience, invest in animated videos. Although these videos don’t come cheap, they never fail to garner attention.

Even Your Video Content Needs Optimization

Keywords are not just limited to blogs, videos you make should blend well with search patterns too. Try making a video every month on the top searched keyword in your industry. Include related keywords in the title and get a short summary written for it in the description. Search engines will then index your video and display it to relevant people. Let’s face it – people are more willing to play a video rather than reading a lengthy blog. When your videos compete with your competitor’s blogs, all business is coming your way.


What you have gone through is just a basic strategy. Feel free to edit or modify steps to suit your business. It is also worth noting that every business is trying to make a transition from content marketing to video marketing. Others intend to make use of a combination of both. Last month, we saw over 50 new businesses employ video marketing in Portland, Oregon alone. Your potential customers will choose businesses with videos over you. Now is the perfect time to start making videos. Go for it!

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