360 Video For Portland Oregon Businesses

With the prevailing nature of today’s technology, audiences expect businesses to provide better quality video recordings of their behind-the-scenes activities. This is because the concept of 360 video is finding much success in the live-events industry, with many other industries following suit. It is also being predicted that soon lessons on outer-space rocketing, skydiving and surfing will be made available through well-designed 360 videos. As the dependence on this technology keeps growing for things as insignificant like stitching and shooting, to more complex lessons, video production for 360 videos will also keep rising.

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Business In Portland, Oregon:
A study (by Biz2Credit) conducted in 2014 showed that Portland, Oregon had America’s 2nd highest average revenue. It caught the attention of the country because the businesses in this area had fewer than two hundred and fifty employees generating a little less than $10 million of average revenue. The city’s culture not only supports but also celebrates handmade, small and local products, and the politics as well as economics of this city have done away with the corporate sector with its shiny and outrageous plazas and malls.

Portlanders can be stereotyped as caffeine-crazy, stubbornly independent people who have their own way of living. This is one of the main reasons why local businesses have gained much popularity in this region. For example, the city voted for Plaid Pantry (local initiative) rather than 7-Eleven; again, Burgerville, a different kind of fast-food chain, which gets its ingredients from the farms of Pacific Northwest and runs on wind power, is given more preference than McDonald’s.

This city has allowed small businesses to thrive, especially because these businesses plan long term both in case of staffing and with respect to the broader community. Success stories of small businesses include Nao’s Khao Man Gai, a famous food cart; Laughing Planet Café, a quick-service smoothies and burritos restaurant; and the famed Powell’s City Of Books that has its roots in this city. So, with so many local businesses emerging in the city, the only way to stay ahead of the competition today is by embracing the latest marketing techniques that entice the audience.

Northwest Video Feeders - Social Media Live Stream Video Production, Portland, Oregon

Why Portland Businesses Need To Opt For 360 Video?
The Rose City, as Portland is fondly called, has quickly adapted to the concept of virtual reality, and is emerging as a hotspot for 360 video. Soon, businesses in this city will need to opt for 360 video productions in order to cater to the growing demands of the public. This can be safely assumed based on the 2013 incident in which a VR production company created virtual tours for businesses using Google Street View, which grew so popular that they has to create VR videos showing the inside of the businesses. The idea was such a hit that even major brands decided to use this strategy to attract customers.

Lately, internet or online marketing is also proving resourceful for small businesses in reaching out to global customers. With Social media giant, Facebook, providing 360 video and photograph feature; businesses can now engage as well as draw in potential customers from all over the world.

This technology allows people to get a full view of a scene from all possible angles. With engagement of this level, business owners can draw in potential customers by displaying their world and giving the audience the feeling of being involved with the business. This will in turn, boost their reliability on the business, and will encourage them to buy the product offered by the business.

A cheaper alternative to seeking professional help would include creating videos with Facebook. Although, one would require specific gadgets to shoot the video (which can be an expense in itself), but the business owner also gets to directly post the video on Facebook, which is by far the most popular and widespread social network in the world.

Northwest Video Feeders - Social Media Live Stream Video Production

Getting Professional Assistance:
360 degree video production is more difficult than taking a 360 degree photo. Special camera sets are required for recording the video in various angles simultaneously. Professionals, who have the right equipment and proper knowledge of recording this type of videos, are the only ones who can ensure that a 360 video production offers desired results. Therefore, the safest bet for a business owner in Portland, Oregon is to hire professionals instead of spending unnecessary amount of money on buying various equipment, and ending up with poor results.

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