8 YouTube Video Marketing Tips for Business Owners

One of the strategies that have become of great importance in business marketing is Video marketing. This works for all sizes of businesses. You Tube happens to be one of the most popular platforms where businesses can post and share their videos. Successful presence in the online world is just more than social media. Video Marketing on You Tube provides one of the greatest opportunity as an advertisement tool. In case one has a You Tube channel or are thinking of starting one, here are 8 of the important tips into the venture.


1. Direct People to your business website
The most important fact in video and social media marketing is to lead potential clients and customers to your business website so as to increase conversions and traffic. Every content a business person presents to their viewers ought to be engaging in such a way that they would want to visit the business website. It should be very clear to the viewer in the first two minutes of the video why they may need the service or product in description. If the viewers have a good understanding of whatever is being offered and why it is important to them, there is high possibility that they will visit the website. This should include a direct link to the website.

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2. Brand the business
One other very important element in video marketing is brand awareness. A business You Tube page ought to stand out to make it memorable enough. The appearance settings should be changed so that the background color matches the business color code. The You Tube channel should also have a logo if possible for purposes of easy recognition throughout all the online platforms.

3. Include Contacts
After setting up a You Tube channel, you ought to include all your contact details for the business. This should include email addresses, phone numbers, postal addresses and all other contact details available. This is crucial since it not only displays the legitimacy of your company but it also ranks the business in search results. Google is known to favor complete, concise and clear websites and this means that the visibility of the businesses will increase with the level of completion.

4. Don’t limit your videos to You Tube
Creation of a You Tube channel never means that everyone will always look for it. To be more effective in video marketing, you should ensure that you keep the word spread about your business and it’s operations. After posting a new video on You Tube that you want potential clients and customers to view, you should also consider writing a blog post on the same. You should also try and share the link on Facebook and twitter. You ought to also embed videos on your business sites.

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5. Collaborate
Collaboration videos are known to gain popularity easily on You Tube. It’s most definite that viewers would want to look at them since they are a great opportunity to have a look at You Tube favorites that have worked with a different person. They are viewed mostly due to their exposure levels. You Tube videos that complement other than competing with other businesses will have a higher view rate.

6. Proper tags selection
After uploading videos, you ought to consider choosing the video category from the fifteen available and entering of keywords and tags should follow. It’s vital to consider choosing from the tags suggested by You Tube. This is because they are basically based on what people mostly search for. You can also consider manually adding tags related to what you do.

7. Channel Customization
The You Tube business channel viewed by visitors after clicking on your business name is the name of the account. You should make sure that your channel doesn’t look similar to any channel or website. This can be achieved through customizing it with business color codes, links, images, important information about the business, slogans, business logos, among other things. Additionally, after setting up a You Tube channel, your viewers ought to keep subscribed so that they can be notified each time you upload a new video.

Northwest Video Feeders - Social Media Live Stream Video Production, Portland, Oregon

8. Post Content Consistently
The most famous and popular channels are usually those with consistency of updating and posting content. Using videos as a marketing tool means having lots of them. There are different ways to make videos for your business. Webinars or webcasts can always be broken down into a video series. You can also create infographic for tutorials, explainer videos as well as product demos. You should consider creating a company history video as well as a corporate profile for the business. You can also consider holding interviews with clients, employees or the business owners.

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